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Core Team

Director (HQs)


Rashid Hameed Zafar
Deputy Project Director (Watercourses)

Master in Applied Environmental Sciences from Punjab University and B.Sc. Agricultural Engineering from University of Agriculture Faisalabad. He has about 30 years’ work experience in the field of Agriculture. He started his service career as Water Management Specialist and served at various key positions like AD (Tech.), Assistant Agricultural Engineer, Assistant Director (vigilance), Deputy District Officer (OFWM), District Officer (OFWM), Regional Deputy Project Director High Efficiency Irrigation System (HEIS), Deputy Director (HQs), Regional Project Director (Punjab Irrigated-agriculture Productivity Improvement Project (PIPIP) and Executive District Officer (Agriculture). His performance remain very satisfactory, he win cash award of Rs. 1.5 Million under National Program for Improvement of Watercourses (NPIW) project and achieved 116% targets in the said project. He also played a vital role in propagation of  (HEIS) in Province.


Dr. Maqsood Ahmad
Director, Water Management Training Institute, Lahore
Ph.D. (Soil Science/ Agricultural Technology) from Okayama University, Japan. He possesses about 26 years’ field experience in participatory irrigation management, improvement of conveyance, application, and water use efficiencies at farm level for efficient utilization of water and non-water inputs to maximize yield of all cultivated crops through high efficiency irrigation. He started his service career as Assistant Research Officer, Institute of Soil Fertility (Research) Punjab, Bahawalpur. He joined Water Management Wing of Agriculture Department as Water Management Specialist and served at various positions such as Assistant Director Technical, Soil Scientist, Deputy Project Director (GTC-CADP-I), Deputy Director (Hqrs.), and Deputy Project Director (Watercourses). He visited Japan, China, Afghanistan, and Philippines for exchange of experience regarding identification, acquisition, and technology transfer regarding on farm water management for irrigated and barani areas. 
Allah Ditta Mansoor
Regional Project Director (PIPIP) Lahore

M.Sc (Irrigation Engineering and Management) from Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand. He Possesses about 35 years field experience in Irrigation management, improvement in conveyance efficiencies and application efficiencies on farm level for purpose of saving in water and non-water inputs and optimization in yield of all cultivated desired crops through flood irrigation and high efficiency irrigation systems. He started his service career as Water Management Officer and served at various positions such as Assistant Agricultural Engineer, Water Management Specialist, District Officer (OFWM) and EDO Agriculture. He visited Thailand and Saudi Arabia for Exchange of experience regarding adoption of agronomic practices, technology on irrigated and barani lands. He has been appreciated by livestock, fisheries, Agriculture (extension) and OFWM wing on best performance during his tenure as EDO, Sargodha. He also appreciated by citrus growers, processors and exporters on his outstanding performance for control of citrus diseases.
Mansha Ali
Regional Project Director (PIPIP) Multan

B.Sc. Agricultural Engineering. He has about 30 years work experience in the field of Agriculture. He started his service career as Assistant Director (Technical) in OFWM Thal Development Project, Layyah and also served on different key posts, such as Water Management Specialist in the field of On Farm and off Farm Water Management, Deputy District Officer, District Officer and Executive District Officer Agriculture
Ch. Muhammad Sharif
Deputy Project Director (HEIS & Lasers)

M.Sc. Agricultural Engineering (Irrigation ) from University of Idaho, Moscow, ID (USA). He has thirty three years’ experience in the field of Water Management. He started his service career as Water Management Officer and selected as Assistant Director (Technical). Proceeded for on job training to USA, conducted research on Sprinkler Irrigation and completed his MSc. Degree. On return, worked as Water Management Specialist. He also worked as site Agricultural Engineer in Saudi Bin Ladin Group, Jeddha Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in a landscaping project, irrigated through Sprinkler Irrigation System for five years and Senior Field Engineer in NESPAK for four years. He performed services as District officer (OFWM), and Agricultural Engineer at Water Management Training Institute Lahore where worked as Training Coordinator for professional Training courses on drip/sprinkler design, HEIS operation and maintenance & Soil Plant water relationship/Irrigation scheduling