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Subsidies for Farmers

The government is providing subsidy for following activities being implemented under On-Farm Water Management. 

High Efficiency Irrigation System (HEIS)
The government subsidizes 60 percent of total system cost for installation of HEIS on upto 15 acres while the remaining costs are contributed by the beneficiary farmers. In addition, government provides PKR. 10,000 per acre of scheme area for construction of water storage pond, if needed, on the basis of site specific technical requirements.

LASER Land Leveling Unit
One time financial assistance of PKR. 450,000/- per unit is provided to the farmers/service providers for procurement of LASER land leveler.

Watercourse Improvement
The government provides entire cost of construction materials besides providing technical guidance while the beneficiary farmers contribute entire labour costs for improvement of unimproved watercourses as well as completion of improvement works on partially improved watercourses as per following provisions. Farmers contribute entire labour costs for 

  • Demolishing and reconstruction of katcha watercourse
  • Excavation for the portion to be lined
  • Back earth filling of structures and lined section
  • Masons and unskilled labour of all civil works